About Us

If you have problems in your workplace, please contact your local shop steward, or your union executive.  On the Home screen, click “contact us” and your request will be sent to the site admin and the President of our Local.

Local Executive Members

  • President: Rick Bourre
  • Vice-President Hospital:Corinne Webb
  • Vice-President Ambulance: Jack Kellar
  • Treasurer: Jody Maguire
  • Recording Secretary: Chris Jodoin

Hospital Health and Safety Committee

  • Krista Brusven – Rainy River Health Center
  • Vern Seguin – Emo Health Center
  • Emma Brown – Laverendrye Health and Safety rep
  • Nicole Egan – Laverendrye Hospital

Ambulance Health and Safety Committee

  • Robin Pollard – WSIB return to work rep and Health and Safety Rep.
  • Chris Jodoin

Hospital Labour Management Committee

  • Rick Bourre
  • Corrine Webb
  • Helena Guertin
  • Greg Alton
  • Lisa Stone
  • Tina Falloon
  • Melanie Trenchard

Ambulance Labour Management Committee

  • Stan Vlotaros
  • Brenda Boettcher
  • Jack Kellar


  • Ed Forget – Emo Base
  • Dennis Gagnon – Rainy River Base
  • Matt Jackson – Fort Frances Base
  • Sherri Potter – Atikokan Base
  • Nadine Gerula – Rainy River Hospital
  • Kalan Kieczewski – LVGH
  • Tina Falloon – Emo Hospital